We take pride in our technology driven and environmentally-conscious innovations by developing everything from a web-based order entry and invoicing, to behind the scenes with out mobile driver application to allow us to operate without any waybills or hard copy invoices.

We are also currently the owners of the leading automated dispatch system that uses qualitative reasoning to choose the best courier from our fleet to shipments requiring heavy duty vehicles.

At Direct IT Group, we're always seeking new and better ways to give you the best service, faster. Since 1994, we've worked day by day to build a system that works for our vast client network. Whether it's for legal matters, healthcare, post-secondary correspondence or the local machine shop, our latest system offers the convenience of entering everything for your order in 4 simple steps. No time wasted - you already have all the information we need, so why not lay it out all in one place? Web 5 is the program for you! See our video below to watch it live.​

Our newest feature is the No Signature Required Picture Capture. 

When our drivers are instructed to leave a package at a delivery location without a signature, they will attach a picture of where the delivery is left; as well as a picture of the house numbers for verification. To the left you can see some examples of this feature.

You can view any photos taken on a delivery with our new web-based order entry application, conveniently compiled with all other tracking information for the order!


Featuring: No Signature Picture Capture

We always have eyes on where your delivery is, even when it's out for delivery.​ Our GPS tracking can see exactly where your driver is, which also allows us to give you to-the-minute updates on how soon your package will be delivered. Furthermore, this allows us to make sure that we're going to the right location should you need a pick up or delivery to a company with multiple addresses. All of this is to ensure we give you the most professional and efficient service, while also making sure you have peace of mind.

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