At Direct IT, we take pride in our environmentally-conscious and technology driven innovations.

Behind the scenes, our electronic order entry, mobile driver application and invoicing, allows us to operate without any waybills or hard copy invoices making us completely paperless.

Our technology leading automated dispatch system uses qualitative reasoning to choose the best courier from our fleet to complete your delivery.

We have designed a variety of user-friendly customer order entry system just for you! We are constantly striving to make our customers jobs easier.

What sets us apart?

The DirectIT Group is specialized and focused on the same-day delivery market. We aren't a conventional overnight courier company, but rather a premier white glove service provider. We think of ourselves as an extension of your business. We currently provide courier services predominantly in Alberta's two major centers and surrounding communities, making us Edmonton and Calgary's largest local courier service, efficiently operating with more than 230 units, with services ranging from bike messengers up to 5-ton trucks.

Efficient, Low-Barrier Order Entry:

  • Our Web Order Entry system requires as little as 4 clicks to complete an order.
  • Our Mobile Order Entry App simply requires a picture of the delivery address and selection of service; our Service Team takes care of the rest for you.
  • We process orders using a wide variety of methods including Web Services, FTP, Email, CSV files, and EDI. We provide a host of applications to integrate with your distribution needs including thermal bar code label printing and other integration tools.
  • Immediate support is available to you via phone and online chat.

Full Optics on All Deliveries:












  • Live tracking of your package movement - all personnel and driving assets are equipped with redundant GPS tracking services.
  • Artificial intelligence is used to validate all deliveries. Delivery Personnel as well as our Customer Care and Operations staff are alerted of potential delivery errors allowing for quick and effective correction.
  • All deliveries are validated at the time of delivery using Google Maps.
  • All deliveries not requiring signatures are Google Earth verified within minutes after delivery, confirming the picture of the location attached matches Google Street View location.
  • All delivery addresses are audited and updated in real time with verified GPS coordinates.
  • Seamless integration with front-end systems allowing full optics to your business and your customers including live tracking, signature capture, and pictures detailing product placement location.


Health and Safety:

  • Our operations and various fleets are COR & TDG certified, and PPE equipped.
  • Our driver phone app allows the drivers to voice dictate messages to our Service and Operations departments.
  • All messages sent to our fleet are announced via Test-to-Speech Engine, reducing the need for the driver to have to view the mobile device to read messages.
We would be honoured to assist you in facilitating your courier and distribution requirements. Our successful completion of between 4000 to 7500 deliveries per day, makes us confident we are the right choice for your needs. 









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Delays and Closure Updates:


There are no service delays or closures to report at this time.